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Walnut Conference of Ukraine 2023
Walnut Conference of Ukraine 2023

Fri, Jul 07



Walnut Conference of Ukraine 2023

Walnut Conference of Ukraine 2023 07/07/2023, Tetiiv

Час та місце проведення:

Jul 07, 2023, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Tetiyev, Tetiiv, Kyiv region, Ukraine, 09801

Про захід:

The hottest nut conference in Ukraine 2023!

The All-Ukrainian nut conference will be held on July 7 at the base of the 400-hectare hazelnut garden of the GALS-AGRO agricultural holding, which grows near the city of Tetiiv, Kyiv region.

This is an industry platform for a fundamental conversation between nut farmers of the country about further ways of development of the Ukrainian nut industry, about the nut strategy, which worries all gardeners today, regardless of the area of their gardens, about processing and sales issues, which are causing "headaches" to our nut farmers already today. And quite true.

After all, first of all. The area of commercial walnut orchards in Ukraine is constantly increasing. For the fifth year in a row, the share of industrial nut orchards is almost half (or more precisely, 42%) of the area of all orchards in the country, established with the help of state support (in the past 2018-2021 - under the program for the development of horticulture, viticulture and hops, in 2022-2023 - under the grant program). Some industrial gardens already received their first "signal" harvest last year.

But the last three years (the two years before the "covid years" and the war started by the aggressor in Ukraine last year) were marked by a decrease in the purchasing demand for nuts in the countries of the European Union and others, which affected the gradual decrease in the demand for nuts in these years.

In addition to this, the military actions in Ukraine, the temporary occupation of part of the Ukrainian territory immediately affected the depreciation of the value of nuts.

But is it possible to expect that the world nut market, full of competition between "fat" nut players, will "gently embrace" the Ukrainian nut crop, which is small by world standards?

And, secondly, there was no domestic nut school for creating highly efficient, intensive technologies for growing industrial orchards in the country. Therefore, the flagships of industrial nut farming, gardeners-innovators, together with scientists, began to create a modern nut industry, draw up technological maps and master the latest agro-techniques of profitable nut horticulture.

Not without mistakes, of course. Stuffing "gulls", even adopting foreign experience, and not because they haven't learned yet, but primarily because the climatic conditions in Ukraine are different compared to the main nut countries - the USA, Chile, Italy, Turkey, etc.

Therefore, the accumulated practical experience of the 400-hectare industrial hazelnut garden of the agricultural holding "GALS AGRO" will be very relevant for all hazelnut growers. And in the future, according to the All-Ukrainian Walnut Conference Program, the Plenary part of the conference will be held, which, in turn, consists of two discussion panels: Strategic and Technological, where the most famous specialists of the country will be able to answer all the "painful" questions of nut growers.

Currently, the All-Ukrainian Nut Conference Program has been formed. But, according to your suggestions, the Program can be supplemented.

Dear HORISHNYKI! Our nut orchards with you are growing and have just begun to bear commercial fruit. In order for them to dynamically gain their natural strength in the future, and their harvest would please you with stable prices during sale - we are waiting for you on July 7 at the All-Ukrainian Nut Conference.

The program and terms of participation in the conference have been published.


Your FIVE STEPS to participate in the conference:

1. You need to download the APPLICATION form for participation in the conference. For the convenience of its filling, the Application form is provided in Word format.

2. Fill in the terms of the Application

3. Send the completed Application form to one of the specified e-mails

4. Receive an invoice for payment of your participation in the conference

5. Make payment according to the invoice (your registration in the registration lists will be carried out on the basis of receipt of payment)



President of the Ukrainian Nut Association G. Yudin

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