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7 липня 2023 р.

"Grow and grow" - All-Ukrainian nut forum

Or practical notes of professionals from the All-Ukrainian Nut Conference.


Undoubtedly, it is an absolute truth for all gardeners that modern agronomic solutions for maintaining gardens and protecting them are an integral part of success in growing gardens. But how to correctly apply them and provide them to our plants in a timely manner depends primarily on the erudition and competence of specialists who work in the garden.

Therefore, many gardeners in our country and abroad are well aware of the name of the international expert of the BACF company, Volodymyr Vasyliovych VOYEVODIN.

Because with his own highest level of professional competence in combination with vast accumulated practical experience, his powerful capacity for work, full of inspiration and love for his work, for the land, for the garden, Volodymyr Vasyliovych has justifiably earned great respect from the gardeners of Ukraine!

For his long-standing and fruitful cooperation with the gardeners of the country, with the Ukrainian Walnut Association, Volodymyr Vasyliovych Voevodin was awarded the highest industry honor at the conference on July 7 - the Golden Badge "Leader of the Walnut Industry".

Volodymyr Voyevodin was a speaker at the All-Ukrainian nut conference, which took place on July 7 on the grounds of the hazelnut garden of the GALS AGRO agricultural holding.

But in order for his advice and the advice of well-known specialist agronomists Yevgeny Lyter (GALS AGRO agricultural holding), Natalya Day (FILBERT company) to be a constant practical guide in the work of other agronomists, a 17-minute video film was made, in the basis of which included the technological features of growing and protecting hazelnuts and other nut-bearing crops.

Today, we present this professional video film with professional advice to all Ukrainian gardeners.

As an educational practical guide for all gardeners, agronomists, farmers who were unable to participate in the Nut conference, everyone can see this video at the link:

and on the website of the nut association:

"GROW and GROW" is the motto of Volodymyr Voyevodin together with the team of specialists of the BACF company and it is a signpost for achieving the highest levels of nut mastery.


President of the Ukrainian Nut Association G. Yudin

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