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9 жовтня 2021 р.

ANUGA 2021 is an international food exhibition

ANUGA 2021 is one of the largest food and beverage trade shows in the world. The exhibition has almost 100 years of history

Кельн, Німеччина

ANUGA 2021 is one of the largest food and beverage trade shows in the world. The exhibition has almost 100 years of history - the first ANUGA exhibition was held in 1924 and is the oldest in the food industry.

Frequency of holding Anuga: once every 2 years.

Due to its grand scale and breadth of industry coverage, ANUGA is deservedly considered one of the world's leading food events.

The delegation of the Ukrainian Nut Association will participate in the International Food Exhibition ANUGA-2021 (Cologne, Germany, October 9-13, 2021).

As part of the Walnut program of the ITC (International Trade Center) project in Ukraine (project manager Kolomoytseva O.), we were given exhibition stands at the corporate stand of Ukraine, which is organized by this Project, in the areas of Walnut, Hazelnut, Almond, Processing and Export.


The walnut branch in Ukraine is a new branch that is dynamically developing in domestic horticulture.

Therefore, it is STRATEGICALLY IMPORTANT for the industry to participate in this world-class exhibition primarily for two reasons:

1. The nut industry of Ukraine as a system partner capable of exporting varietal, homogeneous batches of nuts, hazelnuts and, in a few years, almonds grown in industrial orchards, is still EXTREMELY LITTLE known abroad. Today, Ukraine is perceived as a supplier of various varieties, not a systematic supplier of walnuts, collected from home yards and roadside plantations.

It is even profitable for some foreign buyers to support this "nut brand", as it creates a low price for nuts purchased from Ukraine. I do not hide that our nut "customs-border" wars, as a result of the imperfect legislative framework for the export of nuts, also do not contribute to the improvement of Ukraine's international nut rating, which today (pardon the slang) is "below the plinth".

Therefore, the international activity of the Ukrainian Walnut Association within the framework of the nut program of the ITC project in Ukraine is aimed at increasing the popularization of varietal walnut grown in industrial orchards and forming a new walnut image as a permanent system partner capable of exporting a uniform, high-quality walnut. That is, REBRANDING of walnuts abroad and access to new international markets is extremely important.

This strategic task has another, no less important aspect. Hazelnuts are beginning to bear commercial fruit today, and almond orchards in Ukraine tomorrow.

In this connection, it is now necessary to actively engage in the FORMATION OF THE BRAND OF UKRAINIAN HAZELNUTS, ALMONDS, so that the thought of "a variety of nuts from backyards", which exists today among foreign buyers, is not associated with hazelnuts and almonds from Ukraine.

Therefore, from the point of view of international marketing, participation in international rating exhibitions is one of the most effective tools of communication export strategy, which has a stimulating effect on future buyers.

2. Another no less important reason for participation is that the ANUGA exhibition is mostly focused on European countries, which are most logistically suitable for future exports from Ukraine.

Asia is always important for its sustainable consumption of nut products, however, while our containers of walnuts reach Asian shores, at the same time containers from the USA are arriving on these shores with the promoted California brand Chandler - NUT #1 and Oregon Hazelnuts.


To participate in ANUGA 2021, the Ukrainian Nut Association formed a powerful "nut landing party".

NUT UKRAINE will be represented by the managers of the country's three largest hazelnut orchards: "MILKOR", "FILBERT", "CONTINENT", walnut orchard "WOL-NAT" (Izmail), which successfully started exporting high-quality and Greek AGRO-TRADE to Europe" (Lubny ) and "UKRVOLNAT" (Khmelnytskyi), the producer of oils "Agrosilprom" (Dnipro), which exports nut, hazelnut and other oils to 22 countries of the world, the manufacturer of equipment for processing nuts "TecheximGroup" (Lviv).

For the first time, the Ukrainian Nut Association will show samples of large-fruited nuts and hazelnuts, which are particularly popular in European countries for mass purchases before the Christmas holidays, and will also exhibit samples of Ukrainian almonds for the first time.

Systematic participation in the largest world exhibitions is a priority necessity for the successful positioning of Ukrainian nut products and their promotion in an environment of fierce competition on the world market, despite the fact that advertising channels on the Internet have become financially and functionally available.

Therefore, work with the ITC (International Trade Center) project in Ukraine, at the corporate stands "UKRAINE" organized by them, contributes to the entry of the nut industry into international markets, strengthening the positioning of Ukraine's nut export potential abroad.

Read about the preparation and participation of the delegation of the Ukrainian Nut Association in the world exhibition ANUGA 2021 in the following information. The photo shows the layout of the corporate stand. Soon we will fill it with a living presence.


President of the Ukrainian Nut Association G. Yudin

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