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Виробники України

1 березня 2023 р.

Expansion of industrial hazelnut farming to the north

or the northernmost garden in Ukraine

Рівненська область, Україна

With the exchange of experience, the delegation of the Rivne branch of the Ukrainian Nut Association, consisting of the head of the regional branch of the Faculty of Economics, Professor P.M. Skrypchuk, the famous amateur hazelnut grower Y.V. Reynskyi and other specialists visited the certified nursery well known to many gardeners. PARENTS' GARDEN", which is successfully managed by a breeder-practitioner, an active member of the Ukrainian Nut Association, Ihor Vasylyovych Cybenko.

In addition to a wide range of fruit and berry crops and decorative crops grown in the nursery, special attention has been paid to the cultivation of hazelnuts and selection experiments with it for more than 10 years. More than 300 different plants are grown in this nursery (see the website ua/ru/ and on Facebook ). The nursery undergoes annual state certification to obtain the necessary documents that testify to the varietal purity and quality of the grown seedlings.


Today, in the nursery "BATKIV SAD", most of the varieties from the world selection of hazelnuts, which can be adapted to the soil and climatic conditions of Ukraine, undergo primary variety testing and varietal research. Already three own varieties of hazelnuts are registered and entered in the State Register of Ukraine, but Ihor Vasyliovych continues selection work on the selection of new promising forms along with selection work on hybridization with varieties of different selection. Having a limited land fund, along with the classic planting scheme, Ihor Tsybenko successfully models the cultivation of promising hazelnut varieties using intensive technology with and without trellis.

In recent years, he has been experimenting with various methods of intensive planting of hazelnuts.

1. flat trellis after 0.75 m.

2. flat trellis after 1 m.

3. similar after 0.5 m.

4. similar after 0.75 m.

5. Quadro on 4 sleeves

Last year, in order to spread the cultivation of promising hazelnut varieties using intensive technology with the use of wallpaper according to various schemes and research in another climatic zone of Ukraine, experimental plots were established in the Krynychan district of the Dnipropetrovsk region (responsible experts: Dr. Zelenko O. .A., head of LLC "Walnut Orchards of Ukraine" Filonenko O.L.).According to the expert advisor of the Ukrainian Nut Association, candidate s.g. Oleksiy Zelenka of Sciences: "I. Tsybenko's farm has a complex direction. Ideas and plans are tested in various technologies for the creation and operation of intensive hazelnut orchards, study of the variety base of world selection, own varieties. There is a lot to see, choose the technology according to your capabilities, and your preferences. Wallpaper technologies are especially attractive for small areas. To work out the technological features of wallpaper technologies and study the varietal base in the conditions of the steppe of Ukraine, a suitable experimental garden has also been created in the village of Krynychka, Dnipropetrovsk region. The research scheme also includes hazelnuts on the rootstock of bear nut."

All nut growers know that hazelnuts fall gradually over the course of 3 weeks, so it is impossible to harvest them in one go, by shaking, as in the case of almonds or cherries. Due to the rainy weather and fog in the climatic zone of the "PARENTS GARDEN" nursery (on the border of the Vinnytsia-Khmelnytskyi regions), in September-October at the time of harvesting hazelnuts from the ground, the nut is often dirty and, if it is collected late, with possible signs of mold , which will deteriorate its quality. In this regard, amateur Cybenko found a way to simplify the collection and simultaneous drying of the nut, without loss of quality. This year, they brought their idea to life - the technology of growing and harvesting hazelnuts on a trellis with the help of a hanging net was officially patented in the State Register of Ukraine. Patent No. 151082 dated 01.06.2022 adorns the office of the private farm "BATKIV SAD" today.


We have known the head of the Rivne branch of the Ukrainian Nut Association, Pyotr Skrypchuk, for a long time, and not only through participation in conferences and other events of the association. Ihor Tsybenko received his higher agricultural education at the Rivne National University of Water Management and Nature Management (NUVHP), where Professor Petro Mykhailovych Skrypchuk works and teaches.

Therefore, with the aim of creating the northernmost commercial hazelnut garden in Ukraine, well-known hazelnut specialists met.

In the plans of the Rivne branch of the nut association, in the north of the region, in the Volodymyretsky district (about 100 kilometers from the Belarusian border), an industrial hazelnut orchard is planned.

This required the years of experience and knowledge of the entire professional trio: Ihor Tsybenko, Peter Skrypchuk, Yuri Reynskyi. The most hardy varieties for the northern region were selected, future seedlings that will go to the north in autumn were examined. The topic of technological and scientific support for planting and subsequent cultivation of an industrial garden, which specialists will provide together, was discussed. But I will specify all the details of this NORTHERN HAZELNUT PROJECT a little later - in the fall, when the garden has already been planted. In order not to offend - as they say... In the meantime, after firmly shaking hands with each other, the Polish experts left to continue preparing the area for the future NORTHERN HAZELNUT GARDEN.


President of the Ukrainian Nut Association G. Yudin

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