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Міжнародні заходи, Міжнародні новини

15 жовтня 2022 р.

SIAL PARIS-2022, or a springboard for jumping into global exports

SIAL PARIS is a global exhibition platform whose global status is unquestionable, as it has been attracting exhibitors and visitors from more than 200 countries for more than half a century and is a flagship event in the global food calendar.

Париж, Франція

Any pro will tell you if you can only go to one food show this year - go to SIAL PARIS. It is one of the world's most influential food fairs, with an unprecedented number of visitors, exhibitors and business transactions during the four days of the exhibition, the most prestigious place for tastemakers and food trendsetters who want to grow their business.

SIAL PARIS is a global exhibition platform whose global status is unquestionable, as it has been attracting exhibitors and visitors from more than 200 countries for more than half a century and is a flagship event in the global food calendar.

Every two years, manufacturers, importers, buyers and retailers, food specialists from all over the world meet at the largest exhibition site in Paris for five days of demonstration of the latest trends in the food industry, their successes and experiences. Whether you are a growing industrial garden or a large agricultural holding, a popular new product or a premium brand, an established chain or an innovative food retail product - SIAL PARIS is your springboard to extend sustainable success, or a springboard to jump into global exports.


FOR THE FIRST TIME, the Ukrainian Walnut Association will debut its exhibition stand at the SIAL PARIS -2022 exhibition, which will be held from October 15 to 19 this year. A significant part of the collective Ukrainian stand, organized by the ITC project in Ukraine, was given to the exposition of the Walnut Association.

For the fourth year in a row, the NGO "Ukrainian Nut Association" cooperates with the project "Promoting the exit of small and medium-sized enterprises of the fruit and vegetable sector to foreign markets", which is implemented by the International Trade Center (ITS) in Ukraine and is aimed at improving positioning and increasing the effectiveness of promotion of Ukrainian walnut on world markets.

Thanks to the development of cooperation with the Project, the Walnut Association had the opportunity to have its own stands at the collective Ukrainian exhibition grounds organized by the ITC project at the international exhibitions Gulfood (Dubai, UAE), Anuga (Cologne, Germany).

However, in order to occupy a stable, recognizable place on the global nut market, it is necessary to constantly present the nut industry at the global level as a well-established industrial business that has an infrastructure capable of providing systematic export supplies of high-quality nuts, hazelnuts, almonds - it has its own industrial orchards with grade walnut, high-tech processing in technically equipped processing enterprises, "white" exporters with sufficient experience.

Today, you and I plant and grow walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, which have almost the best taste of all the nuts in the world, because they are grown on the best soils. The standard of Ukrainian chernozem is located in Paris, as a standard sample for all soils in the world. Therefore, it is necessary, using all opportunities, to show the advantages of the system nut business and the quality of the variety nuts collected in industrial orchards of Ukraine (it is just appropriate to mention the statement of the great actress Faina Ranevska that modesty only adorns itself when there is nothing else to adorn itself with).

In turn, the lack of sufficient information about the nut capabilities of Ukraine affects the decision by potential foreign partners to cooperate with the Ukrainian nut business, slows down the formation of a sustainable image of the industry.

To participate in the past exhibitions Gulfood, Anuga, the association prepared the NUT CATALOG OF UKRAINE (in English), which clearly shows the structural potential of the industry - cultivation in the country's leading industrial orchards of varietal walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, processors, exporters, manufacturers of domestic equipment. This CATALOG was popular with the participants of the exhibition, it is a concrete business BUSINESS CARD of walnut Ukraine.

On the 48 pages of the English-language catalog, FOR THE FIRST TIME at the world level, the existence of a developed industrial nut industry of Ukraine was shown, which can export walnuts and hazelnuts collected in industrial orchards, processed to the required quality on high-tech equipment, formed into export batches for the most demanding international buyers.

48 pages, both in paper and digital, electronic versions with their own QR codes and addresses, are divided into three sections:

1. Industrial orchards of walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds

2. Processing enterprises and experienced exporters

3. Manufacturers of industrial processing equipment

We are sure that the further popularization of the industry abroad by the leading horticultural agricultural enterprises of Ukraine, processors and equipment manufacturers through the further distribution of the CATALOG in printed form and in its electronic form on the website of the Nut Association: helps to create a business reputational IMAGE of the country's nut enterprises with the aim of further promotion of varietal nut products on world markets.

Therefore, for participation in the SIAL PARIS exhibition, the association is preparing the NUT CATALOG OF UKRAINE-2022 (in English). Considering the global rating of the upcoming exhibition, CATALOG-22 will be supplemented by other horticultural and processing enterprises, exporters, and manufacturers of products made with nut ingredients.

In this regard, to all those interested in the further sale and promotion of your products in the most profitable foreign markets, the nut association offers to provide materials for placement in the NUT CATALOG OF UKRAINE-2022 in printed form and in its electronic form.

Information on the placement of your offers, the quality of the provided photo materials for further printing in the Catalog, you can get:

1. m. +38 (067) 523-09-85 Yudin Hennadiy

2. m. + 38 (097) 656-50-69 Oleksiy Filonenko

3. m. +38 (097) 650-35-81 Anna Donchenko

Information regarding the placement of your offers in the PEANUT CATALOG OF UKRAINE-2022 will be accepted until September 15.

Today, you grow nut orchards with thoughts about well-being from the successful sale of the nut harvest, or its processing. Do not wait for the buyer of your dreams to knock on your storeroom tomorrow and offer an excellent price. In practice, it looks much simpler - instead of the buyer you want, an ordinary seller will come...


Today, the NUT CATALOG OF UKRAINE, as the only printed edition of the industry association, distributed abroad among potential consumers, gives you the opportunity to start forming the IMAGE of your own garden, its products, or products of further processing and production.

According to the testimony of international experts, one of the constantly relevant conditions of demand in the world market today is the desire of the potential consumer to know: how it was grown, who, where and how produced the products. The greatest transparency and accessibility in this is provided by the manufacturer's pre-formed informational "picture" in the industry publication, which today is the NUT CATALOG OF UKRAINE.

This is another springboard for your jump into global exports.


President of the Ukrainian Nut Association G. Yudin

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