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8 квітня 2024 р.

The dawn of industrial processing of nuts

The dawn of industrial nut processing,
or the first industrial batch of organic nut oil in Ukraine.
Currently, in Ukraine, the first industrial batch of ORGANIC WALNUT OIL has been produced in the formed fully organic production chain: the organic nut garden of the agrofirm "Svitanok" - an organic oil producer.

Харківська область, Україна

The name of the progressive organizer-practitioner , Dr. S-.g. Oleksandr Kolisnyk's studies are well known in agricultural circles. He confidently manages the powerful multi-disciplinary company Agrofirma SVITANOK (Kharkiv region), which has several areas of activity: crop production with its sufficiently large areas of grain and technical crops, animal husbandry requires constant attention - a modern pig complex, from which the table of Kharkiv residents is constantly supplied quality pork. In addition, the professional horticultural team of the agro-enterprise grows the LARGEST NORTH walnut garden among industrial walnut gardens in Ukraine with a total area of 175 hectares, because the garden is located in the critical zone of industrial walnut horticulture and has coordinates - 50°06'12.45708'N, 35°48 '8'20.5., with a height above sea level - 231 m.

Using modern growing technologies, innovative agricultural techniques, accumulating own experience, today the garden in the Bogodukhiv district of the Kharkiv region with an area of 103 hectares of walnuts and 72 hectares of hazelnuts is simply exemplary, with effective technologies, with the innovative findings of practitioners implemented.

In addition, the nut and hazelnut orchard of the Svitanok agricultural company uses ORGANIC horticulture technologies and completed the organic certification of the orchard in 2022 in accordance with the requirements of the European certification body Organic Standart, thus adding the status of the LARGEST ORGANIC nut orchard in Ukraine.

A team of specialists under the leadership of the director of the agricultural company "Svitanok", Dr. S.G. of Oleksandr Kolisnyk broke yesterday's stereotypes and with her example proved the real possibility of industrial horticulture development in the northern regions of Ukraine.

Nuts have been harvested for two years in a row. The average caliber of the "Pishchansky" variety was 36 mm, the kernel yield (the ratio of the weight of the cleaned nut kernel to the weight of the shell) was 47%. The average caliber of the "Codrene" grade was 38 mm, the yield of the core was 45%. A nut processing shop was built on the territory of the garden.

However, after often talking with Oleksandr Kolisnyk about the development of industrial nut farming and the sale of nuts (O.I. Kolisnyk - member of the Presidium of the Ukrainian Nut Association), a decision was made to further develop nut processing - the creation of a cooperative production chain for the production of organic nut products.

With the help of Dmytro Kabakov, a member of the Presidium of the Ukrainian Nut Association, a well-known oil production company was involved in the nut production chain - M "PLUS GROUP" LLC (Kyiv), which also has Organic Standart certification and has many years of experience in oil production from various agricultural crops and oil export.

So far, the first industrial batch of ORGANIC WALNUT OIL has been produced. This is the first organic nut oil in Ukraine, which is produced in a completely organic production chain: an organic nut orchard is an organic oil producer.

In SE "Ukrmetrteststandart" necessary tests were carried out and conclusions obtained.

The quality indicators of the produced organic nut oil pleasantly impressed experienced scientists - professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences. Tamara Tikhonivna Nastenko, head of the fat technology department of the National University of Food Technologies (Kyiv) and associate professor, Ph.D. Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Bakhmach, where samples of nut oil were transferred for further study with the aim of practical distribution for use in healthy nutrition and wider use in the food and other industries. This cooperation became possible thanks to the recently signed Memorandum between the Ukrainian Nut Association and the National University of Food Technologies.

And now, the first organic walnut oil of the SVITANOK agricultural company is beginning its way to the Ukrainian consumer's table. The future plans include the export of organic nut oil.

In the conditions of a decrease in the purchasing demand for walnuts in the EU countries and low prices for Ukrainian walnuts, the key challenge in the restructuring of industrial nut farming is the transformation of the industrial cultivation of nuts and their sale as raw materials into a model of deep processing and creation of finished products. Such processing is possible in cooperation with existing processing enterprises, the construction of production "nut" chains, or other models of cooperation, and with further successful development of deep nut processing - in the creation of a cooperative processing enterprise, hub, cluster, etc.

So far, on the world walnut map, Ukraine is a supplier of raw walnuts. Therefore, the diversification of nut raw export and nut production (growing) in Ukraine in general, the reshaping of the world vision of Ukraine as a raw nut center is the most urgent task today.

"It's time to cooperate! - Oleksandr Kolisnyk "raised the line" in our conversation - I am sure that together we can and will overcome everything - THE DAWN OF INDUSTRIAL PROCESSING OF NUTS HAS ALREADY COME! »

The confident statement of the practicing agrarian immediately reminded me of the ancient and wise saying - "He who walks will conquer the road."

Join us - let's go together!

We invite you for cooperation.

President of the Ukrainian Nut Association G. Yudin

We support - let's go together! Because the promotion of nut oil for everyday use is only the "tip of the iceberg". The main goal is the path to healthy eating


Organic nut oil is the next step towards a healthy diet, according to which: increasing the general level of people's health and duration of quality life, reducing drug addiction.

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